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Jared Haley

Tulsa & Oklahoma City Realtor

Meet Jared Haley

Jared Haley is not your usual real estate agent. He has served real estate clients in the Tulsa and OKC metros for years as a trusted advisor. Oklahoma has always been home to Jared, and he is passionate about helping his local friends and neighbors find the best place for their family. He knows that buying or selling a house is life-changing, one of the most significant financial decisions one can make, and his goal is to help people make the best possible choice.
Jared takes intentionality to the next level with his clients and believes that what you want matters. He will sit down with you and learn what kind of home you are looking for, considering location, price point, and more so that he has a solid understanding of what you need. No matter your preferences and requirements, Jared will work with you to find the best home for you and your family. From ensuring that his clients get the right house, to giving them tips on pre-approval, Jared Haley is your Oklahoma real estate expert, serving both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas.
Jared Haley is a proud local Oklahoman, husband, and dog dad. He is also the Area Director of a professional referral organization that provides him connections to vetted real estate related professionals across the state such as roofers, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, and many more.  Jared is passionate about helping his Oklahoma neighbors and friends (and neighbors that become friends) find the right home. With plenty of real estate experience under his belt, he has learned that buying a home is serious business, and he is passionate about helping make the best choice available for each unique circumstance.

No house will be left unturned in the hunt for your home, and Jared will give you practical, experience-backed advice on areas where you need it. Jared Haley won’t just help you find a good house, he will find the best home for you and your family. Call today to get started on the journey to finding your new home.

Take the Stress Out of Buying

Buying a home is no easy task. From pre-approvals to attempting to apply, real estate continues to become more competitive and fast-paced. In this intense climate, even finding a house with your specific needs can seem impossible. That’s why Jared Haley is your Oklahoma real estate agent. He helps clients move through the buying process efficiently, helping them find a house faster than other avenues.


If you’re stressed about the process of finding, applying for, and closing on the house, give Jared Haley a call today. He is dedicated to helping you have a less stressful buying experience while still finding your ideal home. He knows how time-consuming and stress-inducing buying a home can be, which is why he is passionate about coming alongside Oklahomans as their real estate agent. With Jared, you won’t get a typical real estate agent. Instead, you get a guide who will help you navigate properties, documentation, and all the stressful details.

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